About product

Steel towers (up to 70 m) and masts (up to 126 m) for GSM and RRL antennas and other telecommunication equipment to operate. Manufactured from pipes and bar profiles, this forms a triangular spatial structure. Designed and manufactured in accordance to the different wind areas and antenna loads.

Monopoly towers

Monopoly towers-masts, used for lighting, communication antennas or lightning protection. Towers are manufactured from round different diameter steel pipes, connected with flanged joints, or from convex polygons taper pipes. Served with cable line inside of a tower.

Self-supporting masts

Steel masts made for communication antennas operate in cities and densely populated areas. Easily and quickly assembled and dismantled. Built on the concrete floor slabs. Masts are made from steel welded quadrangles sections, combined flanged connectors, whose stability is guaranteed by metal guy. Equipped with electrical equipment container or without it.

Radio locational equipment towers 

Steel towers for the protection against lightning. Manufactured from angle profiles, which consist square, a spatial tower structure. It may be equipped with a service platform at the top, lightning rod and grounding kit.

Observation towers

Observation towers are extraordinary architectural structures, it is like a sculpture became part of Lithuania's landscape. The highest observation tower is 45 meters height, built in Birstonas, Nemunas loop regional park.