Automatic abrasive cleaning

Automatic continuous conveyor abrasive shot blast cleaning of surface of the individual container’s panels and parts to Sa2.5 preparation grade according to EN ISO 8501. Roller conveyor blasting machine has the total length of 32 m, working width 2,5 m, working height 0,5 m. The machine has blasting chamber made of anti-abrasive armouring manganese steel, six turbines, shot recovery and separation system, self cleaning filters, input and output motorized rolls- conveyors of 12m. Automatic abrasive shot surface cleaning capacity is the following: steel sheets of thickness from a 3mm, various steel constructions and profiles up to 14000x2500x500mm, up to 3500 kg weight and up to Sa 3 surface preparation grade. Working speed up 3m/min.

Grit blasting various steel profiles and

Up to 14000x3500x2500mm, up to 6000kg before painting in blasting chamber of 12x6m with machine AIRBLAST, to surface cleaness Sa2.5 according to EN ISO 8501-1.